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Teaching aims:

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

1. understand peoples emotional change towards the topic.

2. talk about their thoughts on boys taking ballet classes and get rid of fixed opinions.

3. become more open-minded and be tolerant to others’ interest, job and etc.


Teaching difficulties:

1. To guide students to read and understand the text in multiple ways and with different skills

2. To guide students to change their fixed mind and lead them to have an open mind on different things. Help them to understand that both genders have the same rights to pursue what they like


Teaching approaches:

1. Communicative teaching approach

2. Task-based teaching approach 


Teaching aids:

1. A multimedia computer

2. Blackboard


Teaching procedures:

Step 1  Lead-in

By talking about two boys who are interested in ballet, the core word ballet is introduced. The topic is introduced by discussing students’ attitudes towards boys taking ballet classes.

Intention: To arouse students interest in boys taking ballet and make preparation for the next task.

Step 2  Reading

(1). Scanning

Scan and underline sentences including the word people and make them four tasks respectively for students to pass

Intention: help students to have a general idea of peoples opinions

(2). Tasks

Task 1: Read paragraph 1 and have a better understanding of fixed mind and unmanly

Task 2: Guide students to change their fixed mind by means of discussing the change of housework responsibilities in my family

Task 3: Lead students to know the background of the news

Task 4: Get to understand the words of Brian and Susan

Intention: To help students have a detailed understanding of the article, especially peoples attitudes.


(3). Analyze Laras words in the end

Intention: by simplify Laras words, encourage students to stick to their hobbies and try their best..


Step 3  After reading

(1)Read the last paragraph and get to know dance is without genders.

(2)Further get to know Billy and by showing the video of Billy, guide students to write encouraging word to motivate George.

(3)By showing different key words, students finally get rid of their fixed opinions.


Intention: To help students know that once they have a hobby, they are supposed to try their best and never give up. Whats more, students have an open mind at the end of the class.



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